Collectibles and pop culture items

Collectibles and pop culture items

We offer a wide range of collectible shot glasses as well as collectible glassware from pop culture. teams.  Our State Series shot glasses are very popular and found here.
The size can vary, but still, the intention is generally to pour a specific amount of liquor. Markings now are more likely logos of organizations, e.g., restaurants, bars, or sports teams and can be seen as a form of collectable.
We continue to update our web catalog to match our full inventory; if you have a shot glass that you are searching for, odds are we have it, even if we haven’t added the item to our shopping cart yet.  If you would like to check on an item or be sent a catalog to your house, contact us at or call us during normal business hours.


shot glass packages and sets for 2014 collectibles

Best collectible shot glass packages for 2014

Best collectible shot glass packages for 2014

  • 10,000 business cards  .03                                             300
  • 1,000 personalized ink pens .08                                 80
  • DVD created (10-minute promotional) .37 each  18.5
shot glass packages and sets for 2014 collectibles

shot glass packages and sets for 2014 collectibles

o   50 promotional DVD copies

o   Powerpoints can be used

  • Website created
  • 50 personalized keychains .4 each                            20
  • 20 personalized coffee mugs  .9 each                      18
  • 50 personalized shot glasses  .28 each                    56
  • 200 personalized erasers  .2 each                              40
  • 10 clipboards  1.29 each                                 12.9
  • Website created

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o   24/7 customer service to register your domain name

  • 200 cup coasters personalized  .3                              60
  • 50 rulers personalized  .5                                              25
  • 100 letter openers .65                                                    65
  • 250 magnetic business cards  .28                               70
  • 25 mouse pads  1.99                                                       49.75
  • 100 bookmarks (.1)                                                         10
  • 50 frisbees (.17)                                                                                8.5
  • 400 ashtrays (.02)                                                             8



12,555 items, and website creation for just $1,341.65

2,000 sold at 1,341.65 to get a million.

Just .1 an item





– Package was innovated without alienating loyal consumers.
– Actual products in the package more than 50%.
represent the playfulness of colored shot glasses.
– Sub-brand typeface was changed to a modern typeface Futura.
– Supporting texts were enlarged.

– Female and male age 18-45
-Socialized drinking for fun and random play

Condition is new with Shipping at great rates as low as totally free!
For sale by Collectibleshotglass,, and


Charge 1,660.15


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