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Return Policy And Shipping Policy

Prime Time Print


Credits and Claims:  Claims for returns or credits must be made within 7 days of receipt of product.  Authorization must be obtained prior to any return.  Prime Time Print cannot be held responsible for charges above the cost of goods and freight.  customer mistakes may be returned, if purchased from stock, after approval and at their expense.  There will be a 15% restocking charge applied to these returns.  Customers mistakes on personalized products cannot be returned.  We will accept only unopened cartons.  there are no returns on “special order” items or personalized products.  “Special orders” are non-inventory items or inventory items that are purchased at levels higher than normal stock levels.


Damaged Ware:  Our products are fragile and some breakage could occur during shipping.  Claims for excessive breakage must be filed with the carrier.


Samples:  Free samples are provided for our customers for photo shoots and to generate sales.  These requests are not of personalized nature and are strictly standard issue items.  Requests for excessive samples will not be honored.  Prime Time Print reserves the right to define excessive.  We will not send samples of products that you have purchased in the past, and samples will only be sent to past customers of Prime Time Print.

Shipments:  Shipments are made F.O.B. warehouse; Bear Lake, Michigan or Muskegon, Michigan.  Title transfers at these points.  Responsibility for delivery and safe cartage rests exclusively with the carrier.  Claims for adjustments, breakage and delays in transit must be filed with the carrier.  Shipments will be made with the lowest cost and most efficient carrier.   Shipping option and selection rests in the shipment choices listed in our shopping cart check-out section.  Due to excessive breakage U.P.S. shipments are not recommended, nor can breakage claims be honored by us.


Shipping Charges:  Shipping charges will be listed in the check-out section of our shopping cart.  Selection is up to the buyer.  Charges are listed in this area for each selection.